Our Program


Two years of study. A lifetime to serve.

The Bible is your primary textbook. As you study the whole Bible, you will learn, think through and apply the truths of the Word of God. Your studies will build a solid foundation for a lifetime of sharing God’s Word with the world. NTBI goes to the greatest lengths to give the greatest possible training.


A Chronological Approach

No one reads a story by starting in the middle. You start on the first page and go from there. That’s the way we study the Bible at NTBI. This means that the very center of our curriculum is the Word of God, and our method for teaching the Word of God is by chronologically starting with Genesis and continuing through to Revelation.


Block Scheduling and Course Sequencing

In order to facilitate our Chronological approach, NTBI uses a unique format called block scheduling. Instead of a course running one or two days a week for an entire semester, a course runs every day until it is completed. Then, students move on to the next book of the Bible. This intentionality impacts our Theology courses as well. Before we cover a topic systematically, we expose the student to that topic in a Biblical Studies course.

Course Overview


Missions and Ministry

Ministry courses provide students with the skills necessary for ministry including evangelism, discipleship, public speaking, partnership development, and exposure to cross-cultural ministry principles.


Biblical Studies

Courses in Biblical Studies are designed to explore the Biblical books in an exegetical manner. The goal is to become skilled in interpretation and wise application. Understanding God’s word is essential for becoming effective servants of Christ.


Systematic Theology

At NTBI, our theology courses are designed to supplement and enhance the student’s understanding of scripture arrived at through an exegetical study of each book. Theology courses provide a topical treatment of the major doctrines of the Bible.


For a complete schedule along with all class descriptions then visit our Course Schedule page or download the NTBI Catalog.


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You will study the whole Bible during your two-year course of study. The curriculum is designed to present the Scriptures

Academic Calendar

Our registration and orientation dates along with general semester outlines.

Academic Policies

The expectations and standards for attendance at NTBI.

Accreditation and Credit Transfer

Our accreditation statement and where to further your training after you graduate.


Learn from real missionaries with real-world, cross-cultural ministry experience. All of our staff are confident in God’s ability to minister

Mission Trips

Learn about Interface, a six-week trip to Papua New Guinea, and Wayumi, our week-long missions course in Pennsylvania.