Learn from real missionaries with real-world, cross-cultural ministry experience.

All of our staff are confident in God’s ability to minister to you through His Word. We believe this best happens within the context of vibrant relationships. The majority of staff live on the immediate campus with you and invite interaction both at school and in their homes. A 3:1 student to staff ratio enables life on life discipleship to take place. Ultimately, the staff at NTBI are wanting to encourage and equip you to take ownership of your personal walk with God. We look forward to living life with you as you deepen in your friendship with God.

Heather Andrews
Dean of Single Ladies
Jeff Allen
SWP Coordinator
Crystal Allen
Business Office, Front Desk
Dallon Anderson
Business Manager, Administrative Assistant
Teresa Anderson
Rick Barth
Jonell Barth
Teacher Assistant
John Bennett
Senior Advisor, Teacher
Becki Bennett
Senior Advisor, Café
Gordon Bennett
Teacher, Academic Management Team
Rich Bruce Jr
Ric Bruce
Sharon Bruce
Joey Cogliano
Dean of Men
Emily Cogliano
Dean of Single Ladies
Rick Curey
IT Services
Kayleen Curey
Rachel Dapper
Business Office, Guest Services Coordinator
Chris Darland
Teacher, Evangelism Director, Day of Prayer Coordinator
Mike Day
Mobilization Director, Worship Oversight
Kristi Day
Mobilization Team, Café
Conni Dilworth
Dean of Single Ladies
Dalton Dueck
Dean of Students, Leadership Team, Teacher
Susan Dueck
Jag Dunn
Maintenance Coordinator, SWP Coordinator
Abby Dunn
Campus Life
Isabelle Dunn
Education Office, Café, Receptionist
Todd Duston
Director of Admissions
Kelley Duston
Assistant to the Director of Admissions
Ralph Elroy
Carolyn Elroy
Finance Office
Dan Falls
President, Teacher
Cassie Falls
Administrative Assistant
Dave Field
Kim Field
Mailroom Coordinator
Thomas Freeman
Jennifer Freeman
Tim Fyock
Dean of Married Students
Laurie Fyock
Dean of Married Students, Child Protection Coordinator
Brett Gordon
Mobilization Coordinator
Morgan Gordon
Mobilization Coordinator
Rex Gutwein
Front Office Manager, Teacher
Linda Gutwein
Business Office
Matt Hall
Teacher, Evangelism & Sports Director, Interns & Chapel Coordinator
Angie Hall
Bookstore, Café, Receptionist
Tim Halstead
Head of Building Grounds & Maintenance, Director of Security
Erin Halstead
Front Office, Secretary
Jim Hansen
Kathy Hansen
Lisa Hatton
Dean of Married Ladies
Esther Heatwole
Business Office, AMT Secretary
Don Henise
Robyn Henise
Gregory Hobbs
Director of Operations, Teacher
Michele Hobbs
Disabilities Services Director, Teacher
Chad Huber
Registrar, Database Manager, Chapel Coordinator, Teacher
Ken Jack
Andrea Jack
Jared Jantz
Maintenance Director
Diana Jantz
Education Office
Scot Keen
Dean of Education, Teacher
April Keen
AMT Adjunct Hostess
Arnold Kitchener
Food Service Director
Diane Kitchener
Food Service Administrator
Ron Lindsey
President, Teacher
Carrie Lindsey
Childcare, Receptionist
Joshua Mathew
Building Foreman
Tamara Mathew
Front Office
Danny Mixter
Renovation and Projects
Tammy Mixter
Front Desk
David Mize
IT Services, Campus Life
Kristi Mize
Assistant to the Director of Operations
Ben Morrison
Dean of Students, Teacher
Carla Morrison
Dean Mundy
Finance Director, Teacher
Loretta Mundy
Education Office
Todd Nelson
Business Office Manager, Teacher
Sue Nelson
Dean of Married Ladies
Ernie Richards Jr
Karen Richards
Jody Riethmiller
Dean of Married Students, Teacher
Marcia Riethmiller
Dean of Married Ladies
Chris Saberin
IT Director, Contingency Team Coordinator, Teacher
Melanie Saberin
Leadership Team Administrative Assistant
Tim Sanford
Sue Sanford
Front Desk, Childcare
Chuck Smith
Food Service, Teacher
Naomi Smith
Education Office
Barry Stover
Catrina Stover
Ladies Ministries Coordinator, Receptionist, Childcare
Mike Sullivan
Adjunct Professor
Andy Templeton
Dean of Education, Teacher
Gina Templeton
Katie VanBuskurk
Dean of Single Ladies
Brian Vetter
Campus Ministry Coordinator
Tamara Vetter
James Wood II
Registrar, Teacher
Dora Wood
Ryan Worley
Dean of Men, Teacher
Lisa Worley
Brandon Young
Dean of Single Men
Heather Young
Childcare Coordinator
Matt Zowada
Mobilization Director
Deborah Zowada
Dean of Single Ladies