Missions Focus

Our Missions Emphasis

The whole Bible is the story of a missionary-God seeking worshippers of every tribe, tongue and nation. As you study every book of the Bible from this perspective — with teachers who are experienced members of the church planting team — you sense the urgency and see the purpose not only of growing in your knowledge of the Bible but also of preparing to share your understanding with a dark and needy world.

New Tribes Mission (NTM) Affiliation

NTBI is an integral part of the training program of New Tribes Mission, which establishes thriving churches among unreached people groups.

Since 1942, New Tribes Mission has remained committed to its goal of reaching people who have no access to the gospel. NTM coordinates missionaries, sent by local churches, to take the gospel to the unreached. Missionaries then plant churches, disciple believers, translate the Scriptures and train teachers and leaders, who in turn reach out to their own people and to neighboring people groups.

NTBI and the NTM Missionary Training Center aid the local church in preparing believers for cross-cultural evangelism and church planting. Today, 3,000 NTM missionaries are serving the Lord worldwide.

A Missionary Staff

All of our staff at New Tribes Bible Institute are members and thus missionaries with New Tribes Mission. Many have cross-cultural experience ranging from support work in Africa to church planting in Venezuela. Their ministry experience and heart for the unreached carries over into the classroom and into day-to-day life.

Mission Trips

In our academic program, Mission trips are available and encouraged. You can get credit for going to Papua New Guinea with our Interface program where you can get hands-on experience of missionary life. In addition, as a student at NTBI, you will attend our ‘Wayumi’ missions exposure course.

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